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Maxiglide XC Tin

MaxiGlide XC Quick Wax TOTALLY ROCKS!!!

February 27, 2013

By WaltF - See all my reviews

I've tried the competition, and for XC Skiing on waxless skis (AKA grip bases) MaxiGlide products in general can not be beat at any price. For 60 to 80 percent of the cost, you can get nearly 3 times the product and the same or better results with application in the glide zone.

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"The world's only true one-step Marine Fiberglass Hull Polish, sealant, restorative and UV block."


BOATGUARD SPF-50…..The New Premium Marine and Boat Polish

One simple, quick application and your boat is bright and shiny for the full season.Our proprietary microparticle formulation cleans, shines and protects any fiberglass, gel coat hull or topside painted surface.

Simultaneously removes oxidation, chalking, fading and fills minor scratches in one easy step and without the use of compound waxing.

Reduces wear on inflatables.

BOATGUARD SPF-50, 32oz bottle - $34.95

BOATGUARD SPF-50, 16oz bottle - $19.95

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*(Within the continental USA ONLY)

BOATGUARD SPF-50…..The New Premium Marine and Boat Polish

BoatGuard SPF-50 is the new American winner in the boat category. This amazing polymer coating provides unmatched GLOSS, deep UV PROTECTION, seals surface with its micro-particle barrier, preventing staining and oxidation.

  • Application is Quick & Easy either by hand or with buffer. Just wipe on. No drying time needed.  No compounding needed.
  • Apply once a year to keep new boats looking new. Oxidized or hazy surfaces instantly restored to like new.
  • For use on any fiberglass surface for instant restoration….RV's, campers, hot tubs, air planes and more.
  • Does not contain solvents and produces no fumes or VOCs.


  1. Restores fiberglass surfaces faster and with less effort than any other product on the market today!
  2. Provides maximum UV Protection and Glossy shine.
  3. Prevents staining and oxidation.
  4. Leaves no hazy powdery residue.  No cleaner waxes or compounds ever needed.
  5. Entire 30 foot boat hull can be completed in less than 30 minutes.


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Maxiglide helps XC Skiers
in High Sierra

Join the Timberline Geezers, a bunch of ski mountaineers in their fifties and sixties as they traverse some of the most beautiful snowscape in the Western U.S.


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