"This product allows me to quickly prepare no wax skis for a great day of gliding, even when the snow is fresh and the temps close to or above freezing. I operate a mountain lodge where school kids, as many as 50 at a time, join me on the xc ski trails. I have found no product to be its equal!"

–  David J, Eden Utah (12.08.16)

5.0 out of 5 stars MaxiGlide XC Quick Wax totally ROCKS!!!, February 27, 2013

This review is from: Maxiglide X-wax All Condtion (Misc.)
I've tried the competition, and for XC Skiing on waxless skis (AKA grip bases) MaxiGlide products in general can not be beat at any price. For 60 to 80 percent of the cost, you can get nearly 3 times the product and the same or better results with application in the glide zone.

I have had awesome results with MaxiGlide XC Quick Wax in all snow conditions and temperatures. Just be sure to buff the wax thoroughly into the bases. It has been the case where it has taken a few hundred meters before I have really noticed the improvement in the ski's glide because I failed to buff the wax in thoroughly. Even in totally wet snow MaxiGlide XC Quick Wax still works great, I never feel my skis sticking to the water at all, they just glide on through.

I have experienced icing at colder temperatures of which MaxiGlide XC Quick Wax totally eliminated the problem. Once when skiing in very cold weather (single digits, degrees Fahrenheit) where we were really had yet to get enough snow to have anything other than "Rock" conditions to ski on, I put a pretty decent gouge in a ski from running over some gravel on a down hill. The gouge ended up icing up horribly. After clearing the ice and applying a coat of MaxiGlide XC Quick Wax, the icing problem went away. I skied the rest of the day without and any icing issues at all.

As much as I will say for MaxiGlide XC Quick Wax overall, I would have to admit my favorite thing about the product is how useful it is for warmer temps. When the snow likes to cling to anything and everything and clumping is a total problem, MaxiGlide XC Quick Wax has never failed to eliminate the clumping under such conditions.

Unlike another reviewer stated, the stuff in this tin is in fact the MaxiGlide XC Quick Wax.
I do not know, maybe their product somehow got warmed up and the wax, oils, and other ingredients separated.
The product in the tin I got was exactly the same as the larger sized white jar packaging of the MaxiGlide XC Quick Wax.

As far as keeping things clean in a pocket or a pack goes, here is what I discovered. The smaller tin can packaging of the MaxiGlide XC Quick Wax product comes with a couple of applicators that look like those cotton cosmetic pads my girlfriend uses. Which gave me the idea to make a homemade wax packet. I just grab a couple cosmetic pads, saturate them on one side with MaxiGlide XC Quick Wax. Then put the wax saturated pads waxed face to waxed face and a few clean cosmetic pads in a well-sealed zipper seal snack or sandwich bag. I carry the homemade wax packets in my coat or pack pocket out on the trail. When those clumping conditions sneak up on me or my skis need to touch up of the wax, I have some MaxiGlide XC Quick Wax and buffing pads along with me to do the job .

What else can I say?
MaxiGlide XC Quick Wax totally ROCKS!!!

"I love Maxiglide and will continue to use it."
M. Bartle (10.31.11)

"We love this product; it makes x/c skiing a joy!"
– Maureen J., Cochiti Lake, NM (01.18.11)

"Excellent wax for "wax-less" skis! I've been cross-country skiing with the family for 20 years on wax-less skis, but a couple years ago I was just about to give it up. Seems the weather conditions around here were always such that big clumps of snow, ice and mud would stick to the bottoms of my skis, making it extremely difficult to move! This wax has changed all that. I apply it to the entire ski bottom (kick pattern, tips and tails, sidewalls and all) and glide along smoothly all day long!"
– Rongolio, Cleveland, OH

"Quick and Easy! I love this product. I use it every time I go out, and it last me for over a season of back country skiing. There is no mess like the liquids. It goes on easy; just twist the sponge and spread it on the entire ski. This is a must for skis with a pattern in the kick area."
– Tahoe L., Lake Tahoe, CA

"Maxiglide, thank you for your wonderful XC product. My husband and I were out on the trail and started having severe sticking problems as the day got warmer and the snow got wetter. A fellow skier happened by and quicking applied your Maxiglide XC to our ski bases. I couldn't believe that this could be done so easily and made all the difference. You saved our Vermont vacation."
– Jean K., State College PA

"Love your Maxiglide Maxx-Waxx. I downhill ski every day out here in Taos in very changeable conditions. A quick rub with Maxx-Waxx and I know I'll be running fast and smooth no matter what the weather is doing."
– Bill F., Taos NM

"Now that my fellow canoe racers have discovered your Maxigide Speed Coating for canoes, kayaks it is much harder for me to win, It was fun while my little secret lasted. Now I have to use your product just to keep up."
Joe J., Auburn ME

"My boat has never looked so good and I spend less time now maintaining the boat and more time on the water. This is truly a one-step product. I am able to do my 30' sailboat in less then 30 minutes. BoatGuard SPF-50, where have you been all my life."
"PieGuy", San Diego, CA

"Never ride without a quick buff of your WeedSpeed. Very cool that its a natural product to boot. Just too gnarrrley. Gives me the speed I need for the pipe tricks, no pun intented."
– RadRick, Ottawa Canada

"Please don't use my name, but at our biathalon training facility in Norway, we feel like we have a winning combination using the Maxiglide X-Oil for guns and your Speed Powder on our skis. I just does not matter how cold it might get, our equipment is always reliable. Don't tell anyone."
– R.L., Oslo

"I have been using your XC wax for many years to treat all our rental skis before they go out each day. Customer is always happy and it only takes a few seconds to apply. This is an important part of our overall operation and when our customers are happy then we are happy. If we had to go back to the old ways, I don't know what I would do."
– Knute, Sandy OR

"As a former Olympic XC skier and now a 72 yo recreational skier, I find your Maxx-Waxx Plus to be a very easy way to treat my ski bases and give me the performance I am still looking for... Your base prep technology is unmatched. Thank you."
– Gus H., Anchorage AK

"Your Speed Powder enables us to train 100 km a day without any additional base treatments. We have never been able to do this before. Send 3 more jars. I don't ever want to run out." "The best kept secret in X-C skiing, best wax I have ever raced on...please keep my name confidential...."
– Anonymous, MN

**Special thanks to Mr. Pete Petersen for making our products a big success on the west coast of the U.S. and to Mr. Marty Meyers for his enduring efforts to help the products succeed in the northeast U.S.