At Maxiglide, our philosophy has always been to produce products that are first effective and environmentally safe, preferably convenient, easy to use and understand, but always with the emphasis on performance.

We produce products that solve real life problems, products that have real value for the end user. We happen to have a passion for performance and it shows up and down our product line. Performance in skiing means smoother gliding skis that are easy to prepare, in canoes and kayaks it means faster speeds with less muscle power. With boat care, performance means an easier time of polishing with better protection from the elements. With bicycle performance we have been able to reduce friction and wear on the chains and cables.

We were the first company to introduce liquid ski waxes in 1975, the first to create paste waxes for skis and boards in the mid-80's that are also user friendly. In the mid-90's, we began to concentrate on R&D projects to create anti-ice and snow coatings for industry, airplanes, boats and home use.

Currently our efforts are directed to creating and developing environmentally safe anti-fouling coatings for boats have been awarded with our first patent pending line of marine products. We have been using bio-mimicing before there was a name for it. (Mimicing nature to develop products by nature's example. With more and more problems being identified in our fields of expertise, we are still looking forward to adding more chapters to that "Book of Non-Stick Technology." Stay tuned, as they say, we feel like we are just getting started.