Maxiglide OGR Marine Bottom Paint

The most environmentally safe marine bottom paint product available today.

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Maxiglide is developing the future of marine bottom paints. In today's world of expensive and environmentally damaging boat bottom paints, laden with cuprious oxide, dangerous biocides and paints that are sloughing off layers of chemicals into our waters.  Maxiglide believes there is a better way.

It is our collective goal to design and develop a new generation of bottom paints that will be as environmentally friendly, cost effective and able to keep boat bottoms clean, smooth and free of all marine fouling.  We feel that we will soon have such a product.

Maxiglide has, after many years of R&D, found a way to prevent marine fouling with a naturally derived compound that we call OGR.  OGR is short for Organic Growth Repellent.  OGR is highly effective is preventing fouling, yet contains no biocides, copper, tin or other heavy metals that can accumulate in the waters, fish and sediment as they wear off or out of their paint carriers.  This may not have been an environment problem in the beginning, at least it may not have been recognized as such, but after many years the combined effect of these chemicals and heavy metals, a critical mass has reached a dangerous level in many areas that support heavy boat and ship use.

Maxiglide OGR naturally repells the motile bacteria that attracts the slime, algae, sea grass and eventually the barnacle and mussels.  With no bacteria on the hull surface, no macro-foulers will attach.  Maxiglide OGR is currently patent pending.

We intend to have both a low VOC single part vinyl resin bottom paint along with a 2-part epoxy resin paint.  Our new bottom paint is to be called Maxiglide OGR.  Our plan is to have the OGR in the highest quality bottom paint that today's science can produce.  A paint product that will be self-priming, eliminating the need for barrier paint.  Maxiglide OGR will be hard, durable and produce a smooth racing finish.  Since our paint will have no copper, the colors will not be affected by the orange cast of the copper powder.  You will be able to use this paint on all types of hulls.  Fiberglass, of course, along with wood, blasted metal and even aluminum will soon be protected and simultaneously the environment.

Maxiglide OGR will be available in many colors.  Feel free to let us know what color(s) you would like to see available.

Watch for our bottom paint to be highly cost effective when the cost of the paint is calculated against its durability and effectiveness, we plan to be #1 in the market place in both value and eco-friendliness.  This coating will not be brought to market until our testing is complete and we have the final approvals of the U.S. E.P.A.  Look for an unprecedented limited multi-year warranty to come with Maxiglide OGR.

Check back for periodic up-dates on the progress of this exciting new bottom paint. Maxiglide OGR!

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